Immigrant Access to Healthcare

Some things in the world would be much simpler if they stayed separate, but we all can’t have what we want. As health care lawyers, Tom Barker and I are used to navigating complex and intersecting fields of law such as tax, contracts, fraud and abuse, insurance, and federal health care program coverage and reimbursement. But we also know a bit about immigration law from our pro bono work representing individuals seeking lawful status in the U.S. and we’ve repeatedly been asked by our clients what health coverage options are available to them. Let’s just say it can be really complicated…

This morning, Tom and I gave a presentation to the Providers’ Council in Boston, MA regarding immigrant access to care. You can find our slide presentation below, which attempts to summarize an immigrant’s ability to access health coverage under the Health Insurance Exchanges, Medicare, and Medicaid. We focus primarily on Massachusetts. Particularly with respect to Medicaid, our presentation only scratches the surface, since under each coverage type and sub-type there are caveats and exceptions depending on the state Medicaid program being discussed. Hopefully this provides a helpful overview, and it even has some case studies so that our readers can practice!

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  1. Healthcare for non-citizens would be an interesting field for study. I think healthcare lawyers help to make sure that everyone gets equal access to healthcare. It’s especially difficult with the different federal and state programs for healthcare.

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