Come see us at AHLA!

On March 21 and 22, two of this blog’s authors will be presenting on two Medicaid topics at the American Health Lawyer’s Association (AHLA) annual Medicare and Medicaid conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

One of the hottest topics in Medicaid right now is the Trump Administration’s policy on granting Medicaid waivers to states, a topic we have posted about here, here and hereRoss Margulies will lead a panel discussion on Medicaid waivers on March 21.  Ross will give an overview of the legal standards that apply when CMS grants a waiver.  He’ll be joined by panelists who will discuss a history of waivers generally; the Administration’s new policy on allowing states to impose work requirements as part of a Medicaid waiver; and the states’ views on the new flexibility granted by the Administration.

Blog author Thomas Barker will speak on March 22 on the topic of enforcing the Medicaid entitlement, a topic that we have posted about here, here, and here. He will be joined by a Professor of Health Law at the George Washington University who has written extensively on this topic.  This is also a rapidly-changing area of the law and a topic on which the lower courts seem to be split, likely teeing up another Supreme Court decision on the issue.

This year’s AHLA program will focus on many Medicaid topics in addition to the traditional Medicare reimbursement and regulatory issues typically presented at the conference. Come join us, won’t you?

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